Welcome to iParent Plus! A place where people interested in conscious, positive parenting and personal growth can connect, learn, grow and thrive together.

My name is Vibha Arora. I created iParent Plus as a way to build a community that offers support and inspiration to parents and caregivers who are involved in the most important work of all – raising children.

Here you will find insightful ideas as well as opportunities to help you be the best parent you can be. iParent Plus is not about shaping a perfect parent. Rather it’s about embracing the journey for what it is with all its twists and turns, bumps and detours along the way, with an open mind and an open heart. It’s about your children. It’s about you. It’s about relationships. It’s about life.

I hope you will sit back, relax and unwind. Breathe deeply and take in the views. It’s a magical, beautiful and amazing journey. Let’s navigate and sail through the sea of parenting together…Welcome aboard!


Stay Positive,