Flashback to a dozen years ago….my favorite son is 4 years old and we were running our usual Saturday errands and finishing out the long afternoon at Tar-Jay. We made it to the check out line. It was the home stretch. As we are waiting in line, my son notices theRead More
About Last Night….There Are No Accidents (names and places have been changed to protect the innocent and not so innocent) maybe it’s true, everything is Perfectly Planned… Thursday evenings I see clients in my office at iParent Plus.  I got to the office early yesterday to get some administrative stuffRead More
Things have been pretty quiet in my blogging world.  And things have been pretty loud in my real world! So many things I’ve wanted to write about and so little time! (Ah, there’s that pesky lack based belief system I’m trying to shift out of!) A couple of weeks agoRead More
If you are like most parents, the first few minutes when you pick up your child from school. or the first time you see them after a school day, is considered pretty important (by you). Your amazing, wonderful, fabulous offspring has been away from your precious care and out ofRead More
Welcome to my Women Warriors Heart Project!  Check out the whole background story here and read last weeks’ feature on Ms Elizabeth Thiele here. Each week, I will feature a different Warrior. My intention is to share with you a glimpse into who this Woman is (In Their Own Words), to share with you what thisRead More


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