Things have been pretty quiet in my blogging world.  And things have been pretty loud in my real world!

So many things I’ve wanted to write about and so little time! (Ah, there’s that pesky lack based belief system I’m trying to shift out of!)

A couple of weeks ago I was questioning if I would even continue this blog…I mean the purpose of a blog was to write and I wasn’t writing, right?  My life is busy and complicated and messy (as I know is the case with everyone else too, so read excuses, excuses, excuses).

And what’s the point of a blog if no one is reading this anyway?  Ya know, the whole if a tree falls in the forest thing… and then the big question- will I ever go back and write?

For some reason that question to myself brought up a specific scene from the Sex and the City movie when Carrie asks “Will I ever laugh again?”  and her bff Miranda responds, “Yes. When something is really, really funny…you will laugh again.”

And she did. The point is, I had to go back and remember my intention for writing.  I shared it in my first post Just Jump, back in November. I need to write for me! To process, to heal, to share, to put IT out there.

If anyone happens to pick up what I’m putting down, cool. If not, cool. No more guilt over how long it’s been since I’ve written a post. No apologies. The best thing about jumping in is you can jump in again and again and again for the first time. So here I go again! Wheeee!


Stay Positive,



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