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Do you know what the single most accurate determining factor of future happiness and success is for our children?  It’s not education. It’s not money. It’s not piano lessons or even good parenting.  It is Resilience.  That certain bounce-back-ability that allows someone to ride the waves without getting stuck in the riptides.  The good news is we can actually help infuse resilience into our children through Social and Emotional Skill Building Programs.

At iParent Plus we have a few different programs in our Toolbox to help strengthen your childs’ resiliency muscles as well as their social and emotional competency.  One program is Second Step which is an evidence-based early intervention and prevention program that can be either 6 weeks or 12 weeks of 1-hour sessions in which your child will learn concepts such as (but not limited to):

  • Empathy and Compassion
  • Size of Problem and Problem Solving Skills
  • How to be an Active Listener
  • Assertiveness and Positive Self Image
  • Cultural Awareness and Diversity Appreciation

We are also excited to soon be offering a range of the GoZen programs that have been created by the incredibly talented Renee Jain. More infomation will be availble soon!

iParent Plus is proud to offer the Dove Self- Esteem Project to girls ages 8-16.  This 5-week workshop (1 hour each) will help build confidence and positive self-image while also exploring the role media plays in influencing our ideals. A great program for your daughter especially during what can sometimes be a confusing yet magical time of their development.




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