Let's Build Bridges

Every interaction we have with others is an opportunity to eiter build a bridge or create a barrier. Let’s learn how to build bridges!

It’s been said time and time again, Parenting is the hardest job on the planet. And it’s TRUE!  What makes it easier is resources, support  and community.  Most of us only know how to parent one way- how our parents parented us.  I believe most of our parents did the best they knew how.  Now it’s our turn. We can learn different ways of approaching our role and responsibility as parents. Perhaps non-traditional ways?  Perhaps out of the box and not main stream philosophies?  These concepts are the powerful igniters of change that have the potential to completely transform and uplift the parent-child relationship while breaking unhealthy patterns of generations before us.  Yes, Please!

iParent Plus offers Parenting With Positive Discipline: Private workshops for one or both parents online or in person. This is a series of 5 two hour private sessions that will cover Positive Discipline Concepts developed by the highly esteemed pioneer of this groundbreaking work, Dr. Jane Nelson.  I will also provide you with personal guidance and suggestions for your families’ unique needs as well.  This isn’t about quick fixes but rather long term benefits.

Conscious Parenting Series: I’m overjoyed to now offer private workshops for one or both parents online or in person that will completely elevate your parenting experience. This 4 Part Workshop is two hours each meeting and is based on the teachings of Dr. Shefali Tsabary, the best selling author of The Conscious Parent. We will take a look at who is actually raising who, how to build awareness, notice when we are in ego or essence, create and follow through with sand and stone boundaries, and learn the art of mindfulness and embodiment. We will also get to dive deep and deconstruct your families’ patterns while attuning to your highest conscious self as a parent and as a unique individual.

The Warrior Woman Program:  A dream program currently in the creation phase designed for phenomenal women. Think Loud. Empowered. Brave and Authentic. Stay tuned!





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