Welcome to my Women Warriors Heart Project!  Check out the whole background story here and read last weeks’ feature on Ms Elizabeth Thiele here.

Each week, I will feature a different Warrior. My intention is to share with you a glimpse into who this Woman is (In Their Own Words), to share with you what this Woman means to me (In My Own Words), and to share with you this Warriors; favorite powerful saying or life philosophy to sink your heart into – a Warrior Womantra.

May we all be inspired to be Trailblazing Truth Tellers, Liberating Light Leaders, and Collaborating Change Creators who Together Believe in the Power of Love, Hope, Possibility and Positivity.

This Week I’m featuring a woman who is strong and sassy at the same time- Priti Patel

Simply click on the PDF file link below to read:

Featured Woman Warrior of the Week- Ms Priti Patel

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